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Since 2021, we’ve created hundreds of tutorials, now enjoyed by over 120,000 drawing enthusiasts, and have guided hundreds of students in their progress. You’re definitely in good hands here!

Nice to meet you !

The duo team


, drawing teacher

Hello, I’m Zoé, but you may know me by my artist name, Zephy! I’m the creator of this site, specializing in pedagogy. My role is to simplify tough drawing concepts so you can progress effectively while staying motivated.

Like many, I drew during my childhood, then stopped. At 26, I felt the urge to pick up drawing again, but I didn’t know where to start. I joined an art school that discouraged me with its overly academic and theoretical courses. So, I chose to learn on my own, creating my own tutorials. Seeing my progress skyrocket, I decided to share my methods to help beginners get started. That’s how this site was born! Teaching became a real turning point for me, allowing me to fulfill myself by guiding students and celebrating their successes and progress with them.


, illustrator

Pleased to meet you, I’m Jérémy! I’m an aspiring concept artist specializing in anatomy and characters. At Zephy, my primary role is to test and experiment with the methods we develop to ensure that your progress is optimized to the fullest!

I’ve been passionate about drawing for as long as I can remember. After a year in art school, I decided to change course because the learning environment wasn’t right for me. Inspired by online artists who reignited my passion for drawing, I created my own learning framework. Today, I’m proud to have reached the level I aimed for and discovered what truly helped me progress. Zoé and I chose to collaborate because we share a common vision of drawing. We want to provide you with high-quality content to spare you the challenges we faced when learning on our own!

Our working methodology

The creative laboratory

At Zephy, we operate like a real small laboratory, constantly searching for new methods to make your life easier. We focus on addressing the major challenges beginners encounter, whether they’re mental or technical. We then develop highly optimized content to ensure your learning experience is engaging, enjoyable, and impactful for your progress.

We choose a drawing theme that challenges you.

We create an optimized and customized method.

We test and refine it to maximize your progress.

Finally, we validate the method to share it with you!

Our story

and our evolution


Creating innovative teaching

Drawing has always seemed difficult to master, time-consuming, and tedious. We have completely questioned traditional teaching methods and aspired to bring a fresh approach to learning drawing.


Designing online tutorials

After several months of research, we have successfully developed new simplified methods for learning to draw. Your enthusiasm has helped our online community grow!


Expanding internationally

Our drawing courses in French have been so well-received that we are translating all our programs into English. We are working on optimizing all our courses to make them even more effective.


Creating a drawing book

For months, we teamed up with a top French publisher to craft a unique book. It’s been well-received, and we’re eagerly awaiting an English publisher to acquire translation rights. Fingers crossed!

The unique features of our pedagogy

and what makes it so special

A candy-like effect to boost your desire to draw

Because the heart of your practice is joy! Our courses and content are designed like little treats to savor, each one containing a new method to explore and apply.

A straightforward approach with clear steps to follow

The simpler something seems to you, the easier it will be to draw. That’s why we strive to maintain an approach that is always accessible, both in our creations and in our teaching.

A gentle balance between comfort and stimulation

We constantly challenge our students, encouraging them to step out of their comfort zone while ensuring to maintain their motivation. The difficulty increases gradually to foster real progress!


Your progress is our mission

Testimonials from our French students translated for you


With years of drawing experience behind me, I find the training fantastic. […] Zephy and the community are really supportive. Taking the course also grants you access to a dedicated Discord channel where you can share all your exercises, questions, etc., allowing you to receive feedback from other students and Zephy, which is ideal for progression! Moreover, if you have any weaknesses, Zephy will provide you with personalized advice and areas for improvement related to you and your drawings, while also encouraging you in your successes.


Thank you so much, Zephy! I really appreciate your feedback and responsiveness. I’m absolutely thrilled with the courses they’re fantastic, very clear, fun, motivating, well-structured, and affordable. I’ve spent so much money on other courses that weren’t right for me, but your work is excellent!!!


Thank you so much for your feedback, Zephy, I really appreciate it! I’m delighted with what I’ve been able to achieve and am enjoying drawing and taking the courses more and more. Your guidance and support on are excellent! Many thanks for this training!


I discovered Zephy while searching for a comprehensive and structured program that covers ALL the basics of drawing. I’m devouring the courses!! I’ve never been so inspired and driven in a creative learning process. I’m thrilled and it makes me so eager to go further.


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