Hi, my name is Zephy !

I am a drawing instructor, and my job is to guide beginners in making efficient progress so that they can become accomplished artists.


Since 2021, I have already created a hundred tutorials that now gather over 100,000 drawing enthusiasts and have assisted hundreds of students in their progress. Rest assured, you are in good hands here!

Our creation & our story

2021 : Creating an innovative approach to drawing education

Drawing has always seemed difficult to master, time-consuming, and tedious. We completely questioned traditional teaching methods and aspired to bring a fresh approach to drawing education.

2022 : Massive enthusiasm for our approach

After several months of research, we have successfully developed new simplified methods for learning to draw. Your enthusiasm has propelled our networks to become among the most popular in the field of drawing education!

2023 : Sharing our methodology with as many people as possible

Our drawing courses have been so well-received that we are translating all of our programs to make them accessible to everyone. This year, we are working on creating new exclusive content to accelerate your progress.

What makes our pedagogy so special

Segmenting the learning process of drawing into clear steps

We understand how challenging learning to draw can be. That’s why we have developed an optimal pedagogy to make the learning process easier for everyone.

Innovating and creating new simplified methods

We act as a true creative laboratory! We constantly develop and test new methods to offer you the most effective ones.

Taking care of your mental well-being and motivation

We guide our students to develop a healthy relationship with drawing, by valuing every small step and changing their perspective on failure.

They say it better than we do


Thank you again, Zephy, for everything you teach us, your kindness, and your advice. We truly feel supported in these classes, and overall, we’re able to accomplish so much more than we ever thought possible. I’m thrilled to be part of this amazing community!


I just want to say, thank you Zephy. Thank you so much. You have no idea what this kind of exercise used to mean to me in the past. But your approach, the technique you teach, well, all of it has become much more enjoyable, and I’ve even found pleasure and relaxation in doing it. So, thank you!


I’m experiencing the same thing. Zephy helps us become aware of our abilities and enables us to express them and put them into practice in an organized and constructive way. We know what and how to work on, all without pressure, and in the end, we surpass ourselves and realize that we are capable of much more than we thought!

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