Learn the Basics of Drawing in Just 3 Days

Join us for this free drawing course and explore the fundamental principles of drawing. With our simplified approach, you’ll know exactly what to do to improve your drawing skills and make progress! 🚀

Lines, shapes & proportions

Discover how to better control proportions and lines when drawing from references.

Volumes & perspective

Learn to apply volume to your sketches using simplified construction principles.

Anatomy & details

Enhance your drawings with anatomical knowledge and rendering techniques.

Discover the One Method to Draw Everything

Unlock one lesson per day to discover one concept at a time. We get to the essentials by simplifying complex topics in less than 15 min.

At the end of each lesson, download your practical cheat sheet with a summary of the techniques covered. You have a clear process to apply to all your drawings!

Put your new knowledge into practice with exercise sheets and corrections. Now you can practice knowing exactly what to do to progress. 🚀

Maximize Your Drawing Experience with Our Special Bonuses

Summary sheets

At the end of each lesson, download your summary sheet to keep a clear process to apply to your drawings.

Exercise sheets

Practice with the exercise sheets, whether on paper or digitally, to apply the concept learned during the lesson.

Correction sheets

Correct your exercises and improve yourself with the corrections we have provided for you.

Let Their Testimonials Speak

4,8 / 5

Satisfaction rating based on student evaluations since 2023


This concise, clear, and progressive course is everything I hoped for as an introduction to learning drawing. It makes me want to continue!!


This course is relevant and interesting for beginners; it helps us better approach the perspective of volumes.


Everything is here. From the colorful and dynamic video format to the enthusiastic voice, and the pedagogy: simplification, getting straight to the point, absolutely nothing is tedious. The exercises are well-structured and targeted just right, Zephy managed to keep me attentive and interested until the end, even though I tend to get easily distracted in any type of learning. We’re there, we stay there, and we want more. A big congratulations!


This course is very stimulating through Zephy’s explanations and drawing style. It’s just a taste of her complete program, which I will never regret subscribing to! And on top of that, each path is regularly updated, with additional content being added. A delight.


We see the very foundation that is not taught anywhere else. Other tutorials may focus on drawing a hand, an eye, a tomato, … Here, we draw a falcon, but the entire creation process is explained so that we can draw anything.


The entire course content is very engaging, and the approach is truly easy to understand. With the additional exercises, we learn a lot. It speaks volumes about what’s to come!!


I really wanted to be able to draw, but I thought you needed to have the gift of drawing. Thanks to your courses, I learned simple techniques. I love these beginner-friendly methods! The visuals are very clear. Thank you so much 😊


Yes, it was very practical and easy to understand. The design of the courses and videos is beautiful, and it makes me want to learn.


A big thank you to Zephy for this course dedicated to the basics of drawing. Clear, progressive, supportive, and straight to the point! I loved the well-guided materials, the short and structured videos. Zephy’s joyful and pleasant voice is wonderful. Thank you for the high quality of this rich and free work! I will take advantage of my vacation to purchase the complete training! I believe I have already improved 😁

Meet your Drawing Teacher

Hello, I’m Zephy, the creator of the courses and tutorials here. As a drawing instructor, my mission is to help you progress easily, making the approach to drawing more accessible by simplifying the learning process. 🌻


I’ve experienced drawing blockages myself, stagnating for months and giving up several times. I understand the challenges of learning on your own and knowing where to start.


That’s why I’m here to support you, helping you overcome difficulties so you don’t waste time and energy, as I once did. ✍️

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